The Golden Hour….

The Golden Hour is a photographic term relating to the first and last hour of sunlight during the day when the light takes on quite spectacular properties. In the same way you look again and again at a favourite painting or listen repeatedly to a piece of music, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing the Yorkshire Dales in the evening sunshine….

Here’s a few shots from last night – all the pictures were taken from Fremington Edge looking over the picturesque village of Reeth and were taken within 20 minutes of each other – the fast moving clouds altering the look of the countryside minute by minute….


The evening sun shines over Swaledale village of Reeth


Long shadows across the hills surrounding Reeth


Sunlight picks out a single field in the village of Reeth in Swaledale


The village of Reeth in Swaledale is bathed in late evening sunshine


A farmhouse in Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales is seen amongst late evening shadows


Grinton Lodge YHA is seen in the late evening sun

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